Others - Sydney Morning Herald - 2015-03-11 15:45:25.

Commonwealth Bank shares tipped to hit $101 as CBA feasts on expanding SME pie

Macquarie has upgraded its target price for CBA to $101 from $99, saying the big four banks have the potential to take a chunk out of the expanding small and medium-sized enterprise banking.


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Others - Sydney Morning Herald - 2015-03-11 15:45:25.

Remote communities aren't a utopian lifestyle choice but they are good for our people

Aborigines live in outstations to give their families a better chance of survival.


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Abbott claims Victoria's East West Link reversal will hurt Australia's reputation as a safe place to invest

Tony Abbott has pleaded with the State Government to build the East West Link, claiming any move to dump the contract for the controversial road would hurt Australia's international reputation as a safe place to invest.


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Faces of Sydney: Heba Shide

She's only been living in Kings Cross for a few months, but Heba Shide says she goes to Fitzroy Gardens five days a week to feed the pigeons. 


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Stingray walks on land

When these Northern Territory anglers caught a salmon they didn’t expect a stingray called Raymond to slide out of the water chasing a snack.

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The incredible talent of the Blue whale

BLUE whales have an incredible talent that can reach the distance between Byron Bay and Sydney.



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